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door GB op 10/05/2009

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De ‘stoel van de rechter’ mag dan vaag zijn, ‘de stoel van Souter’ is dat niet. Die is straks leeg en die moet weer gevuld worden. Op internet is het selectieproces goed te volgen. Dit is de openingszet van Obama.

Wat zei die daar? Hij zoekt een kandidaat met de kwaliteiten ‘empathy’ en ‘understanding and identifying with people’s hopes and struggles’? Dat is toch een ‘amorphous basis on which to pick a justice. Should the “empathy standard” apply to the unborn? How about gun owners? What about religious conservatives who believe the court has removed religious influences from American life?’ aldus Karl Rove. Maar Karl kent zijn pappenheimers: ‘What Mr. Obama wants in a nominee isn’t really “empathy” and “understanding.” He wants a liberal, activist Supreme Court justice. But as Justice Antonin Scalia has said, “It is simply not compatible with democratic theory that laws mean whatever they ought to mean, and that unelected judges decide what that is.”‘

En ook de club-met-het-sympathieke-doel luidt de Liberty Bell: ‘If Obama holds to his campaign promise to appoint a Justice who rules based on her own “deepest values” and what’s in her own “heart” instead of what is in the Constitution and laws he will be the first American President who has made lawlessness an explicit standard for Supreme Court Justices.’ En zo gaat het polemiseren over de ‘juiste rol van de rechter’ nog even door. ‘This argument draws a false dichotomy. It proceeds from the false assumption that in the realm of constitutional adjudication, there is a single “right” answer that can be arrived at simply through deductive reasoning,’ aldus R.L. Hasen, Professor op de Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

En door dit hele gebeuren heen banjeren natuurlijk ook de Amerikaanse Rita Verdonken: ‘To the cacophonous fray, I would add another criterion: individuals who have had real life experience and known more than the ivory tower of the appeals courts, from which presidents have lately chosen their Supreme Court nominees. I want someone who has a broad mix of skills and experiences, with a stellar legal mind.’

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